Our Story

We were both working for large companies where the corporate culture was stiff and grey. We both felt that our respective workplaces didn’t offer very inviting atmospheres, and that we were alienated from our co-workers. Moreover, we were fed up with the unimaginable amount of plastic used in our respective offices. Because we spent most of our time at work, we knew those environments needed improvement.

Small, positive changes can make a big impact – especially in the workplace. So, we decided to create a personal product that could help the impersonal way a stuffy office space feels, and which at the same time helps and improves the environment. This notion was the spark for CaricatureWall – personalized products that help give an employee a sense of belonging and importance and more importantly eliminating single-use cups.

CaricatureWall is here to help you make this significant environmental change in your office space. Let us help you eliminate plastic and instead each employee can start using their own personalised CaricatureWall product. This change will not only improve your office in a positive way but will improve the world. By granting each employee their own personalised mug they will no longer have to share, and each individual will be responsible for rinsing off what they have used.

Since launching CaricatureWall, we have personalized office spaces around the world changing stiff and grey corporate culture into colourful and comfortable work environments. So, join us on our journey toward making every impersonal office space more personal and environmental.

Best, Gadi & Dor